Founded in 2014 by Maltese trumpeter and director Kevin Abela, Brass House Unit is an ensemble of experienced musicians as well as up-and-coming young talent. These accomplished artists perform a vast variety of musical genres, from the soul sound of the 60’s to today’s pop and radio hits, with setups ranging from 10-piece to 17-piece. Amongst the most notable BHU productions are the very first BHU concert Groovy Tunes, featuring funk, soul and disco music of the 70’s; and Disco Royale, where inspired by the concept of a DJ continuously playing, BHU performed disco classics for an hour and a half straight for a packed audience who danced the whole night away. In 2018, BHU recorded the debut single Limelight featuring Ozzy Lino and Gloriana, which was highly acclaimed by the media.

Some of the most prestigious performances of Brass House Unit include the rearranging and recording of Destiny’s winning song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, while also accompanying her on stage for the event. In 2018, BHU featured in the closing concert of the Valletta European Capital of Culture L-Aħħar Festa and performed as a supporting act in the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra concert Tempo in 2020. Other performances of note include participation in the Valletta New Year’s Eve Celebrations, entertaining an audience of over thirty thousand people; Farson’s Beer Festival; Notte Bianca; Carnival Festivities; the August Moon Ball, under the patronage of His Excellency the President of Malta; as well as various private functions.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, BHU still remained active in the music scene performing in several digital and online productions, including the national broadcast opening of the series Għajta Waħda on TVM; video release of the song We are Family with the participation of some of Malta’s elite singers together with the whole ensemble of BHU; and drive-in concert Park ’N Joy, where the audience enjoyed an evening of the best disco tunes from the comfort of their own car and which subsequently led to other similar performances during the time of the pandemic.



Groovy Tunes 2014
JESC 2016
Notte Bianca 2017
NYE 2018
Beer Fest 2019
Disco Royale 2020
Disco Royale Drive In 2020
Private Functions