Mark Ciantar – Trombone

Describe yourself in four words

Ambitious, honest, Kind, tall

Why Brass House Unit?

Having heard about Brass House Unit before I got to know Kevin, I always perceived it as an ambitious band which was achieving great feats in such a short period of time since it’s foundation. After contacting me and telling me his forthcoming plans for the band, it was difficult for me not to accept. From that day onwards I never looked back and feel proud that I form part of this musical family.

If you were left alone on a desert island, who out of all the band members would you
keep with you and why ?

I think I would choose Joseph since there is never a dull moment when he’s around and he always manages to find a solution to everything by using his calm and philosophical approach to dealing with things.

Give BHU three appropriate adjectives

Funky, Professional, Entertaining

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